What we do:

    • Full-length theatrical concerts

    • Mini concerts, private parties, and functions

    • College and university residency programs

    • Programs for schools and libraries

    • Lecture demonstrations

    • Workshop and Master classes in Flamenco Dance

To schedule a workshop or performance:

Contact Sabrina directly via email ( Please include as much information about the kind of workshop and/or performance you would like. Include the number of participants, location and dates, if possible.


For information on classes or to add your name to our email list, write to

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What students say...

“I really enjoyed hearing insight from a professional flamenco dancer... She gave a realistic look into the world of professional dancing and how you can do the steps perfectly but how different the dance can be for the dancer and the audience when he or she feels a true connection to the music and the dance.”

“...I was fascinated by how quickly she could move her feet, body, and hands and keep a beat with them all at the same time.  I’m not sure I would ever be able to have the coordination to successfully get to the level of dance that she is at, even though she is an instructor and has been dancing for a long time... When Sabrina was dancing for us, it amazed me how she was able to think up dance steps off their top of her head that related to whatever point she was making and then how she executed them all flawlessly.”

                                                – comments from Emerson College students after a lecture/demo